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Your Pencils are Ugly

October 21st, 2011

I was having a rough week. I was letting little things get to me. I was feeling unproductive and like I was starting to lose my motivation. Then one of my students angrily told me that my pencils were ugly. And I’m really glad that they did. Here’s why: I have absolutely no control over what my pencils look like. I guess I could use more of my classroom budget to buy prettier pencils, but SERIOUSLY? I don’t have control over my students’ pencil preference, and I don’t have control over any of their likes or dislikes. I can only work with what I’ve got.

After that comment, my week started to look up. (Okay, okay, AND it’s Friday.) I laughed it off and apologized (with a hint of sarcasm) for the lack of beauty in my pencils, and continued on with the lesson I was teaching. My students are the reason I’m here and I feel lucky to have them motivating me. My new challenge to myself is to find humor and creativity in their insults to my classroom supplies.

On a personal note, B and I are doing great! Brendan is over his cold and back in the swing of things. He didn’t miss a beat! He’s getting the hang of having his own classroom and even our assistant principal is calling him a natural! The kids love him and he’s starting to develop relationships with them, which is really benefiting the students he’s working with. The students didn’t earn open gym this week due to lack of attendance last week, so we’ve been enjoying our evenings at home together!

Cooking a healthy dinner together every night has been one of my favorite parts of this move. This week we’ve been feasting on black bean burgers, peanut sesame noodles, homemade vegan pizza, kale chips and fresh french fries. Eggplant parm is on the menu for tonight!

Despite how much we love cooking and eating at home every night, and how much we are enjoying our new home, we are definitely counting the days until our Christmas trip home. We are looking forward to seeing SAMPSON, friends and family, eating out, drinking beer and taking a much needed break! Can’t wait to see you all in 56 days!! (Approximately.)

This weekend we’ll be sleeping in and relaxing. I have a bunch of grad work to catch up on, papers to grade, AKT2 obligations to fulfill, lessons to plan and bread and apple crisp to make. (We've been hog piling all of our apples from Full Circle, and finally have enough!) B has lessons of his own to brainstorm as well as sports to watch! We were hoping Season 3 of Dexter would arrive today, but sadly it didn’t make it. Looks like it will be a productive weekend after all. Lunch break is over…back to my ugly pencils!

Skype dates ALWAYS welcome!

*I keep promising people I will post pictures of our house—it’s on my to-do list for the weekend!!

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