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I Don't Care if Monday's Blue...

September 27th, 2011

I've never really experienced a case of the Monday's, because for the last few years, it hasn't mattered if it was Monday or Wednesday or Saturday, I was working, and I was tired. So this morning as I was grumbling about it being Monday, I looked at my calendar. The first thing I couldn't believe was that it's already the last week of September--which means that I've already been teaching for over a month! The second thing I realized as I flipped back a month, was that I haven't had a day where I wasn't working since New Teacher Orientation in Unalakleet. Which was the 2nd week in August, and 49 days ago...roughly.

Things I'm not doing right now: complaining. I'm actually pretty excited because even though I've been working, planning and teaching for 49 days straight, I'm energized, motivated and healthy. For any of you who knew me a year ago, you know that the primary role I played in my school was not a teacher, it was a germ collector. I literally got every sniffle, cough and flu that my kids had. I'm not sure I made it through a single month of school without having to call in sick and had multiple bouts of the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and stomach bugs. The first thing that comes to mind is that my students this year actually know how to blow their own noses, and generally don't barf, sneeze or cough on me. (Knocking on some wood...) But after leaving a weekend of inservice completely healthy, where the majority of teachers were feeling the ill effects of the first bout of cold symptoms for the school year, I am pretty convinced I've turned my immune system around.

It could very well be that I've just built up immunities to all germs possible, but I'm in a new location, teaching a new age group--so that probably isn't it. I'm pretty sure that this new habit of sleeping regular hours for consecutive nights/weeks, adding a multi-vitamin to my diet, (insert I told you so's here from Rachel and probably my mom...) and eating three (really healthy) meals a day (including breakfast...thanks, B!) So thankfully, Brendan and I have been feeling good and not run down yet, and B has yet to succumb to the grimy germs that infiltrate the school environment. (I'm still perplexed about how he managed to stay 100% healthy last year, when I was hacking up a lung every other week.) Okay, now I'm seriously knocking on wood. We're happy and healthy and thriving in the arctic. :o)

I came to another important realization this weekend. In-Services are not my forte; I always leave with a much longer to-do list than I came with and a LOT of new information that my brain is not really sure how to process. We usually have to travel (sans Brendan :o( ) This weekend we went to Stebbins, AK, which is a small village on the mainland. However, they serve a very important purpose. They supply our orange juice for the time in between In-Services. Orange Juice. How do you get good orange juice in rural Alaska without paying big bucks to get it shipped in fresh? Simple. You go to In-Service (where food is provided,) and stock up on some 20 oz. bottles of OJ. Before you think that I go to In-Service to loot up, I promise I only take one bottle per meal...I just pack it instead of drinking it! Eventually, other staff members start to catch on and before you know it, you've got other people stocking up on orange juice for you too! After two days in Stebbins, we are set on OJ for a good few weeks. As you can tell, we're really getting the hang of survival mode...

The other good thing about this In-Service was that I got to see a new village, Stebbins. I couldn't believe how warm it was there--at least 15 degrees warmer than here on the island. The sun was out and we had plenty of time to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. The village was much smaller than Savoonga. People were welcoming and the school was well kept. Overall it was a really informative and motivating weekend! I have some pictures, but left my camera cord at home (give me a break, it is Monday!)

It might be 10:00 on a Monday night with a full week ahead of me, and I'm definitely still at school working, but it's going to be a good week and hopefully a productive one! We have a box of fresh produce waiting for us on our porch, a new Netflix documentary, and the sun is supposed to shine all week. Brendan starts volleyball practice tomorrow as the assistant coach, so you know his week is going to be good. We're doing great, and hoping everyone else is too! P.S. Coming this week...a separate post JUST for what B is doing. I could seriously write a book, the man is so busy. Stay tuned!

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