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And the Adventure Continues!

September 2nd, 2012

Well, the first week of school has somehow already come and gone. All in all, I'd say it went pretty well, though it was mildly chaotic. My week can be summed up by the following:

Monday: Fell out of bed when our alarm clock randomly started chirping. Wrote 2011 on the board. (I'm pretty sure it hasn't been 2011 in about, oooh, 7 months and 26 days.)

Tuesday: Fell back into my snooze-button-hitting-habit...on day 2.

Wednesday: Engagement photos, The Hunger Games and Season 6 of Dexter arrived. (Cue procrastination.)

Thursday: Accidentally wore my slippers. all. day. long. (Which I can't say was horrible...) Date night with B that consisted of Thai "take-out" (microwaved) and a big-screen (Smart board) movie.

Friday: Couldn't keep up with my students, they were doing so much work. (Totally cool.) Our big Fred Meyer grocery order arrived. Had taco night with good friends. Craved a glass (bottle) of wine. Took Melatonin instead.

Saturday: Woke up at noon, ate the pancakes B made me, and immediately took a four hour nap.

Now it's Sunday and even though there was a 40% chance of snow for the past two days--yes, it's the first weekend of September in Alaska, too...the sun is shining and I'm feeling pretty stoked for the new year. I'm about 200% more prepared than I was last year, and my students came back ready to work.

I've come to two conclusions so far:

1) I should have waitressed this summer, liked I'd planned. I'm completely out of "being on my feet all day" shape, and by Tuesday, my legs were reliving my multiple-double-shifts-in-a-row feeling of exhaustion. For this I blame the countless summer hours I spent sitting in/by the pool/beach/lake/campfire/etc. (And enjoyed to the absolute fullest extent.)

2) First year teacher adrenaline is no joke, and I should have bottled some up for this year. Not that I'm not motivated or energized...I absolutely am. And I'm even more excited this year than I was last year, because I seem to have a clue as to what I'm doing. But I do not remember being ready for bed when the clock hit 3:40 last year. Suggestions other than pounding 5-hour-energies are extremely welcome!!

As for other updates on the home front, I can't say there are many. Life has fallen back into our hectic routine and we're loving it. Brendan's cross country season is in full swing and he'll be traveling with a great group of kids to Koyuk in a couple of weeks.

We made a major upgrade to our kitchen and invested in a dish'd laugh at all the time we have spent admiring it, so I won't tell you just how long that's been. Our (extremely) humble abode is feeling more like home than ever...but our family and friends are in our hearts and thoughts every day!

Onto week two!!

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